When I was pushed out of the workforce last Summer, my quality of life got infinitely better. I was free of a job that was making me miserable, I could focus on parenting during a pandemic, and I could spend time thinking about what I could do for myself to bring me more joy. Turns out that thing is writing.

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I loved having the freedom of not having to do anything. I got things done at my own pace. The house was running, the kids were happy, but I still struggled to prioritize my personal goals. (Ironic, considering I wrote…

Expectations + Parenting = $!@#*

It’s a snow day in Alabama. And while an event like this isn’t unheard of, it’s only an every-few-years occurrence. The last significant accumulation in our town was a few days before my daughter turned three. She’s six now, and little brother — experiencing his very first snowfall — is a month shy of three.

He’s the one who announced the snow this morning at 7:00. “I found snowing, mama!” We had all slept late because an inclement weather day had already been called. Schools and businesses were closed because the extreme (for Alabama) temperatures and probability for icy roads…

Which can only mean one thing — it’s genetic.

Experiencing Kindergarten the second time around as a parent is awesome. There are adorable pictures posted to a private classroom Instagram account. Hearing the daily updates of “I got a sticker!” “I knew all my sight words!” “I was the table captain today!” are an absolute delight. Frequent emails and curriculum updates from the teacher are a parent’s dream.

The weekly update we got one Friday let us know that our teacher would be taking a vacation day soon. (Well deserved considering the pandemic challenges this year.) …

Being pushed out of the workforce pushed me to think differently.

My recent firing was unexpected, not pandemic related, and not indicative of my value to this particular company. It was just time to part ways; a truth I wasn’t going to act on myself. In many ways I’m thankful it happened, it gave me the opportunity to slow down and reevaluate my priorities. I finally admitted that my life had been completely out of balance. And, because my mental health was suffering, my family’s quality of life was suffering too. Now, being unemployed has taught me lessons and habits I wish I had put in practice while I was working.

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As I rocked my babes to sleep,
Nursed them, soothed them, prayed they’d keep.
I thought all sorts of scary things,
Thoughts that gave every fear wings.

Only sometimes those thoughts went silent,
And moments here my only quiet.
This rocking chair became my throne,
Where I reigned and hid away unknown.

Dinged by dirty fingers and unwashed hair,
Climbed on, spilled on, and one slight tear.
The little one now refusing my lap,
Just as he’s now refusing a nap.

The day arrives far too quickly,
But first I’ll scoop each up swiftly. …

Your class will rise and adapt to any challenge, because you’ve proved these past five months that you can. And you’re only five years old.

Right now, you are five and six year olds. Your parents have been telling you about Kindergarten for months now, and the first day is finally here. It’s time to see for yourself what the big deal is. A new school, a new teacher, new classroom, new friends, new school supplies and a new normal. You’re excited, anxious, happy and scared all at once, but you know this is really a moment to be brave. Your parents and loved ones are being really brave too this year.

In 13 years and nine months from now, we will be celebrating your…

Mary Lanaux Katzman

Taking my first steps into a writing career. Blogging at homeontheedge.com

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