Whole30 helped me break these 4 food habits

Photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

No more food waste or throwing out leftovers

While doing a Whole30, you very quickly get burned out thinking about and planning for EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL. It almost becomes obsessive thinking. But, it also forces you to get creative. What can you do with those leftovers? What ingredients are in the pantry that will add something new? Those weird ingredients that were purchased for one particular dish — can they be used for something else?

No more lazy or crazy expensive lunches

An important note to start with: you don’t necessarily save money with a Whole30 diet. You swap frequent trips to restaurants with frequent trips to the grocery store. But, with your endlessly stocked fridge and creative cooking prowess, you avoid two things: 1) The monotony of eating the same boring lunch over and over (for me — a turkey sandwich), and 2) The irresistible urge to break that monotony by dining out for lunch where the possibilities are endless.

No more impulse grocery purchases

Because everything you bring home from the grocery store is carefully scrutinized for 30 days, the habit starts to stick with you. You might be spending more time in the aisles studying ingredient lists, but soon you become quick to judge what items in the store best serve your food freedom goals and which can be left on the shelf. The allure of shopping promotions and buy-one-get-ones become less attractive, and soon you stop paying attention to them. There’s a lot less “buying to try” and a lot more “buying to optimize.”

No more eating after my kids

This is likely the biggest difference in my eating habits and the biggest benefit. I can’t tell you how compulsive eating after my kids became. Chicken nugget left on the dinner plate — I ate it. Macaroni & Cheese left in the pot — I shoveled it into my mouth. Kids didn’t finish their meal — it became my second, or third, helping.



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Mary Lanaux Katzman

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